Current Changelog (public version)

To view our current Changelog, visit our changelog doc here – which is also included in our plugin folder.


Past Changelogs (initial release / beta version)

v1.2 (released on April 18th, 2019)

  • Improved inventory sync for variable products and setting parent product stock status when inventory changes to in/out of stock
  • Added support for mapping WooCommerce categories to QuickBooks departments
  • Added Settings > Product area to control the mapping between WooCommerce and QuickBooks product name/description values
  • Added support for automatic and manual product sync from QuickBooks to WooCommerce
  • Added support for image syncing when syncing products either way between QuickBooks and WooCommerce
  • Improved rounding support when dealing with taxed orders to ensure the order total sent to QuickBooks matches what QuickBooks expects
  • Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.6
  • For future version changelogs, visit our changelog doc, also included in our plugin folder.

v1.1 (released)

  • Public Release
  • Improved handling for special characters in QuickBooks POS
  • Added support for syncing “Available Inventory” levels, as well as Quantity On Hand
  • Added initial support for pulling products into WooCommerce

1.0.9 (released)

  • Added support for syncing pricing from QuickBooks > WooCommerce
  • Resolved minor bugs

1.0.8 (released)

  • Added support for syncing sales tax into QuickBooks as a line item

1.0.7 (released)


  • Add support for Discount Codes in QuickBooks POS
  • Resolved minor bugs

1.0.6 (released)

  • Add support to push products/variations from WooCommerce > QuickBooks
  • Add support for Department in QuickBooks POS
  • Additional bug fixes

v1.0.5 (released)

  • ¬†Improve tax mapping/support
  • Additional bug fixes

v1.0.4 (released)

  • Add support for syncing inventory from QuickBooks > WooCommerce
  • Add support for styles in QuickBooks POS
  • Additional bug fixes

v1.0.3 (released)

  • Improve Sales Receipt sync
  • Improve automap for customers/products
  • Add support for style/attribute in QuickBooks POS
  • Additional bug fixes

v1.0.2 (released)

  • Improve Sales Receipt sync
  • Add support for order shipping / discount lines

v1.0.1 (released)

  • Finalize Customer/Product sync
  • Add compatibility for variations
  • Finalize Refresh Data
  • Finalize Customer/Product/Payment mappings
  • Implement initial/basic settings
  • Minor Bug Fixes

v1.0 (released)

  • Initial Release
Updated on April 17, 2019