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Moving/migrating WooCommerce stores with our integration

Sometimes in the course of using our integration – you may need to move your site to a different host, or copy a staging site you’ve been working on to the live instance. When doing so, all of your plugin-side settings & mappings will be saved, as long as the plugin is not deleted from your WordPress install in the course of migration.

Once migrated to the new site/server, there’s only a few steps you have to do to re-issue your license and reconnect to QuickBooks Online.

  1. Visit your account at myworks.design/account – and reissue your license from within the My Licenses tab. (or contact us, and we can assist)
  2. In your wordpress admin, visit MyWorks Sync > Connection.
  3. Scroll down to Step 2, and if it still shows connected to QuickBooks, simply click Disconnect.
  4. Then, click the green button to re-connect to QuickBooks.
  5. Once connected, paste the Access Token into Step 4 and save. 
  6. Now that you’re connected – the last and most important step is to Refresh Data, to pull in the correct data from your new QuickBooks Online company into our plugin. Visit MyWorks Sync > Dashboard and click Refresh Background Data to do so.
Updated on October 5, 2017

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