Before You Install

Congratulations on making the step to sync your WooCommerce store with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier or Enterprise – 2015 or later!

There’s a few requirements we’ll want to confirm before we begin with your setup/configuration. This can be done on the setup call with us or on your own before the call.


  1. An active QuickBooks company on one of the following versions. We support QuickBooks Desktop companies hosted both locally or with a provider like Right Networks.
    1. U.S. editions of QuickBooks Financial Software products
      1. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (2015 or later)
      2. QuickBooks Premier (2015 or later)
      3. QuickBooks Pro (2015 or later)
    2. Canadian editions of QuickBooks (2015 or later)
    3. UK editions of QuickBooks (2015 or later)
  2. An active WooCommerce store (running V2.x or V3.x of WooCommerce) with a valid SSL certificate.
    1. Please ensure you have the PHP Extension mcrypt and mysqli installed on your hosting account. When you activate our plugin, it will notify you if there’s an issue here, as these are normally included on hosting accounts.
    2. Ensure your database password does not contain the following special characters  + / # % ‘ ? (all others are compatible). This is not something you should have to check first, as our plugin will display a warning during activation if this is something you need to check.
    3. Ensure that there is a valid SSL certificate installed on your WooCommerce site, and your admin area is being access over https. The QuickBooks Web Connector requires an https connection.
  3. The latest version of QuickBooks Web Connector installed on the same computer that QuickBooks Desktop is on. This can be downloaded on Intuit’s site here, and installation instructions will be found here as well. A few important notes for installation:
    1. After you download the installer from Intuit’s site above, ensure you right click the enclosed application and click Run as Administrator, instead of simply opening it as normal.
    2. QuickBooks Desktop will need to be closed during the initial installation of QWC (QuickBooks Web Connector)
  4. You will need administrator access to your QuickBooks company file in order to establish the initial connection. After that, a normal user login to QuickBooks is sufficient.


Once the above requirements are confirmed, we’re ready to move into the installation/configuration steps.

Updated on July 19, 2018

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