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Using API to query assigned WooCommerce order locations

When a WooCommerce order is placed and automatically routed to a warehouse location using our integration, that assignment can be used with external integrations if needed when querying an order.



Once a location has been added in our integration, it will be assigned an ID. This is the ID that is used in the background when we assign/route an order to a specific location.




There are two areas a location is associated with an order, as seen in the screenshot below.

  1.  In the Select location widget, which allows a user to manually assign/re-assign an order location. The number next to the location represents the stock of that product available in the location.
  2. In the Custom Field called mw_warehouse – the ID of the location will be stored. This is helpful when using alongside custom integrations or import/export tools.

Additionally, when querying (GET) an order via the REST API, the warehouse ID is also passed along with the order, inside the meta_data variable, as the key mw_warehouse:

"meta_data": [
 "id": 21643,
 "key": "mw_warehouse",
 "value": "539"

Updated on January 17, 2019

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