Credit Handling / Compatibility

As part of the invoicing functionality in WHMCS, there is a credit system built in to allow users to carry a credit balance in WHMCS.

Unfortunately, the way that WHMCS handles this credit management is not even close to GAAP (generally accepted accounting protocol). The credits are not stored in functional manner, the hook points to support credit additions/subtractions are minimal, and the way that credits are added and subtracted isn’t a process easily allowing syncing of these credits to another system like QBO.

Because of the way credits are handled in WHMCS, we highly recommend simply disabling credit management in General Settings. However, if you prefer to enable credits in WHMCS, our module handles them in the following way.

  1. When an invoice is paid with a credit, that credit payment is synced over to QuickBooks Online as a credit memo.
  2. You can manually push existing credits to QuickBooks Online using the Push > Credits tab in our module.
Updated on October 13, 2017

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