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WHMCS PayPal Billing Module | Reference Transactions Overview

Reference Transactions

Our PayPal Billing gateway requires you enable Reference Transactions on your PayPal account in order for it to create Billing Agreements to charge clients. This is a free feature with PayPal and you must contact them in order to enable. Read on for more info.

Reference Transactions basically enable your PayPal Account to charge your clients’ PayPal accounts on an on-demand basis using our module – as if you had a credit card number – giving you authorization to charge it when agreed upon. The only requirement of this module is that Reference Transactions are enabled on your account.

Read more on Reference Transactions in PayPal’s documentation.

PayPal does require a certain level of vetting before you can be approved for Reference Transactions.

Vetting rules can be different depending on business type, credit risk, jurisdiction, etc – so there is no plain and simple guidlines we can lay out. As each merchant is different, the requirements will change so it’s impossible to list them for certain here.

Although the process may seem daunting, it really isn’t. Just contact Paypal using web or phone as listed below, and see how it goes! 80% of our module clients get immediately approved and can begin processing right away. For the other 20%, whether because of the country they are in, their business situation or their credit as PayPal sees it, the process may take a little longer and/or require certain business forms, like sales figures, etc to establish stability of the business. For these 20% that continue to have issues getting approved, contact us for a workaround method.

All of our clients who are approved and able to use this module have told us it was very worth it to apply, and even overcome obstacles with PayPal if need be, to get approved. The pros far outweigh the cons, as once you are approved, you’ll be able to automatically process all PayPal payments, making your billing setup a painless well-oiled machine!

Contacting PayPal to Enable Reference Transactions

  1. Use the following steps below to either call PayPal or open a support ticket with them to enable reference transactions.
  2. Once PayPal receives the ticket or your phone call, they will submit a support ticket to their internal team for approval. Their approval process took less than 24 hours. The norm should be less than a week. You will receive an email once the approval process is complete notifying you that you’ve been approved.
  3. Once you’re approved, no action is necessary, you’re set to go!
Option 1

Contact PayPal Ticket

Topic: Express Checkout (or similar)

SubTopic: Other Business Resources Department: Payflow Department (Has permissions to enable Reference Transactions) OR Reference Transactions

Hi there! I’m contacting you today in regards to enabling Reference Transactions on my Account with you. Our website developers have installed a module that uses reference transactions and have informed us that we need to contact you via this specific channel in order to enable those on our live account. It is of the highest priority to have this enabled on our account. We are looking forward to better serving our customers by billing them using Reference Transactions to make their payment process more automated.

Thank you in advance for your helpfulness! Regards, Your Name

Open PayPal Ticket

Option 2

Call PayPal
Call PayPal and ask for ‘Business Services’.
Let them know you are charging clients using PayPal Billing Agreements and you need Reference Transactions enabled in order to do so.
US: 1-888-221-1161
UK: 0800-358-7911

Updated on May 15, 2020

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