Installation & Upgrade Instructions

Installation Instructions

  1. Backup your files & database.
  2. Ensure your system requirements meet the needs of our module, or you will encounter errors.
    • PHP 5.5+
    • ionCube Loader v10
  3. In the whmcs_root/templates folder of our module, rename the ‘default’ folder to the name of the active template you’re using.
  4. Upload the contents of the whmcs_root folder to the root of your WHMCS folder.
  5. Go to the Admin Setup -> Addon Modules panel & activate the MyWorks PayPal Billing Agreement module.
  6. Enter License key.
  7. If you would like this gateway to be the client’s default gateway after they check out with it the first time, check the Automatically set as Default box.
  8. If your clients use PayPal Subscriptions, and the subscription ID is stored in the subscription field of their product – and you would like that subscription cancelled when they check out with this gateway and create a Billing Agreement, check the AutoCancel PayPal Subscriptions box and fill in the API info for the PayPal account the subscriptions are setup with.
  9. If you would like your clients to return to a custom URL after they successfully pay, enter a URL in the Custom Return URL box. Otherwise, leave blank.
  10. If you DO NOT WANT ‘Invoice Created’ emails being sent to your clients when cron automatically creates an invoice, check the Disable Invoice Emails box
  11. Click Save.
  12. Go to Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways. The MyWorks PayPal Billing Gateway should already be installed.
  13. Enter your PayPal API information and specify a custom checkout page if you have one. You can customize and create them in your PayPal Account.
  14. Set up the cron job by going to Addons > MyWorks Paypal Billing > Cron Setup and following the instructions there. The cron will update e-Check and billing agreement statuses. We recommend it’s run once a day, an hour before your WHMCS cron.
  15. Ensure your PayPal Account is approved for Reference Transactions. See our documentation for details.

Want to add a ‘Manage PayPal’ link in your client area (V6) menu bar? See instructions here!

Want to migrate your clients from PayPal Subscriptions to Billing Agreements? Visit our Migrate Instructions tab in the module.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Upload the latest module files to replace the existing files.
  2. Visit your Setup > Addon Modules page.
  3. Click Configure for the MyWorks PayPal Billing Agreements module, configure any new options and click Save.


Updated on May 15, 2020

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