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How a Billing Agreement can be created

Creating a Billing Agreement

A Billing Agreement can be created in two different scenarios.

  1. A client pays an invoice or places an order using our gateway for the first time. They’ll be redirected to PayPal, then after paying will be redirected back to your site with the payment complete. This process also creates a Billing Agreement – which is stored as a token in their WHMCS client account. All future payments with our gateway will be automatic using this token, they’ll never leave your site.
  2. A client visits our dedicates module page (https://mywhmcssite.com/paypalbilling.php) where they can create a new billing agreement or cancel an existing billing agreement. Clicking the create button on this page will bring them to PayPal where they can sign in, then click Accept to create a billing agreement and be returned to your site without having to make a payment.


Updated on May 15, 2020

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